What Is Sei?

2 min readJan 6


Sei Network is the layer1 blockchain built on Cosmos and aims to forge a next-gen DeFi infrastructure. Sei focuses on sustaining a reliable and secure environment with high throughput. As a result, Sei could not only integrate with DApps on its native blockchain but also create markets with the help of the Cosmos ecosystem by taking advantage of its liquidity.

The core infrastructure of Sei Network, centralized order books (CLOB), is run by a number of DEXs with limited order books. This indicates a shift towards matured DeFi ecosystems. The DApp of Sei Network is built on top of centralized order books (CLOB) and each CLOB-related order will be matched by a native order after each block closes. As a result, this innovative approach brings numerous applications to Sei Network.

Sei Network, as a layer1 blockchain designed for trading, has the following advantages:

Firsthand trading protection — aggregate each order after a block closes and execute these orders at the same price so as to prevent preemptive trading.

Biturbo consensus — add functions to optimize, and enhance the propagation and operation of blocks.

Native order match engine — able to provide tailor-made designs for DEXs, like specially-made order books for chains.

Duration of a transaction — 600ms

Sei Network is compatible with EVM and Cosmwasm, which means Ethereum & Cosmos applications can be deployed on Sei Network. Currently, Sei Network already has 70+ Apps launched like the decentralized derivative protocol VortexProtocol, decentralized synthetic asset protocol PharaohFi. There will be more DApps to come in the future.

Sei is co-founded by Jeffrey Feng and Jayendra Jog, with core team members penetrating fields from the Internet and TradFi, like Robinhood, Databricks, Airbnb, Goldman Sachs, etc. In August, Sei Labs secured a $5 million seed round financing led by Multicoin Captial. Other investors include Coinbase Ventures, GSR, Flow Traders, Hudson River Trading, Delphi Digital, Tangent, etc.

BitKeep has connected to Sei Network to facilitate quick access to the sprawling ecosystem of Sei Network. As the largest Web3 multi-chain wallet, BitKeep will closely follow the trend of Sei Network and will support mainnets, tokens and various applications of Sei Network. In addition, BitKeep will launch multiple events like gasless trading and Sei Network special zone, aiming to provide users with an immersive tour of the Sei Network ecosystem.




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