Thinking of downloading a digital wallet for your crypto assets? Things you need to know

Crypto wallets offer one of the best ways to keep anyone’s crypto assets safe, but how does one know which digital wallet is the best for them? Here in this guide, we are going to figure this out and find the best solution available.

So as someone who has crypto assets, it’s very likely that your assets are in the form of various different cryptocurrencies. For example, some of your bitcoin assets are saved in an account of a particular exchange, while your other assets are somewhere else. It’s never recommended to keep your assets on an exchange but it’s not easy to keep up with the emerging blockchains and their officially endorsed wallets. Wouldn’t it be better if all your assets were at the same place? A wallet where you can place all your crypto assets? The solution for you is a multi-currency wallet, which will help you better manage your resources in one place.

As a crypto enthusiast who frequently transacts in crypto, you will want to have different crypto accounts for different purposes. For example, you want to have one of these accounts for personal use, while you would want another one for your work, and also maybe you require yet another third one for some other purpose and so on. What will be your ideal solution? A special platform where you can link all of these accounts together and store them at the same place, thus being able to manage them more effectively. Your ideal solution will be a multi wallet crypto account, where each wallet will serve as an individual account with its own resources, yet all of these accounts (wallets) will be linked to the main account (owner).

However, even having all of these features wouldn’t be useful if your account isn’t safe. Many crypto wallets are feature-rich, but few offer ideal security. So how would one know which wallet to choose?

Encryption technologies are what keep your account safe, while mnemonic passwords are your go-to for making strong passkeys, but still, your account can be hacked. Once the mnemonic password is generated, it must be saved using advanced encryption standards. BitKeep adopts the combination of various encryption methods of sha256, aes256 and finally, cloud authentication. It is through this unique combination of encryption for several keys and seeds which give our users utmost security while using BitKeep. As it is known among our community, that BitKeep’s foremost focus is user and asset security. This ultimately makes this wallet superior, compared to other wallets which offer much less security.

All top notch wallets offer a platform for other developers and service providers can provide apps for the users. All well regarded wallets offer more value-added services into their system to maximize the benefits their end users can get. Being able to use the crypto assets to make useful purchases if more beneficial for the users, than just having a wallet which is simply storage. So users must look for such kinds of wallets.

Sending transactions in the fastest and in the easiest way is a must have for any wallet to be considered good.

Wallets which offer you the ability to send tokens/coins to hundreds of people at the same time and all they need to do is click a link to receive payment, are superior to those wallets which send crypto assets to a limited number of people and have long procedures to transfer these crypto assets. This is what BitKeep offers its users and community.

Digital wallets benefits should not only be limited to the end users but also they should be extended to the companies as well. For example, your company requires a specific digital wallet solution, but you do not have the means to create the whole infrastructure by yourself. In that case, you need a wallet platform which gives you the flexibility to create anything you desire using its APIs. Thus, saving you valuable time and energy.

Such a wallet which can do all of this is BitKeep. BitKeep is a multi-chain and multi-currency wallet, moreover, its security is highly regarded and audited, as it boasts double encryption. BitKeep also provides value-added apps, and yet still, offer SDK’s for developers to develop their own apps and even the whole digital wallet systems using BitKeep’s APIs and SDK’s, therefore making BitKeep useful for developers.

BitKeep is the biggest market leader for one reason, as it has all the major qualities which few other crypto wallets have. The huge 1 million userbase has proven that it’s an ideal solution for all your digital wallet problem. Download the app from our website or your OS stores.

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BitKeep is your decentralized wallet. Providing a one-stop destination for DApps, the BitKeep Aggregate Exchange, Multichain support, Wealth Management and News

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BitKeep is your decentralized wallet. Providing a one-stop destination for DApps, the BitKeep Aggregate Exchange, Multichain support, Wealth Management and News

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