How to use BitKeep Cloud Wallet to make an internal transfer

2 min readNov 8, 2021


BitKeep’s internal transfer functionality has gone live on November 8, 2021. BitKeep users may use cloud wallet addresses to transfer assets between different BitKeep Cloud wallets.

How to use BitKeep Cloud Wallet to make an internal transfer

  1. Open BitKeep, tap the NAV bar on the upper right corner, then tap [Cloud Wallet] to go the Cloud Wallet page, and select the token you want to transfer;

2. Tap BKB to go to [BKB] page, then tap [Transfer] to jump to Transfer page, now select your desired chain, and input the address of receiver and transfer amount. Tap Confirm, then input your transfer password.

Note: This function is intended for internal transfers only. If the user fills in a non-Cloud Wallet address, then a dialogue box will pop up saying that the transaction cannot be completed.

How to use BitKeep Cloud Wallet to receive tokens with internal transfers

1. In Cloud Wallet, tap the token you’d like to receive. You’ll then go to the selected token page, now tap Receive;

2. Select the desired chain, and copy the address or save the QR code. Now share with other users, and you are ready to receive.

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Disclaimers: This tutorial is only a guide to BitKeep Cloud Wallet, and shall not be construed as BitKeep’s investment advice. Capital investments are subject to market risks. You may want to fully understand the related risks before making investment decisions at your own discretion.

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