BitKeep, the Most Secure and Convenient Web3.0 Wallet

The difference between exchanges, decentralized wallets and cold wallets

Generally speaking, three options are available for storing encrypted assets: Exchanges (centralized wallets), decentralized wallets, and cold wallets, the security of which increases in order.

How is BitKeep more secure than others?

There are many decentralized wallets available. How to choose the right one? How can we know if a wallet is safe?



User experience

With simple but elegant interface, BitKeep is known as one of the easiest Web3.0 wallets to get started with. Even blockchain beginners can learn to create a new wallet or make a transfer in a short time with the in-app instructions.


BitKeep has won excellent user reviews on major review websites and well-known blockchain media. On various review websites, BitKeep App got an average score of is 4.6+, with nearly 100K+ users leaving their praises on BitKeep. From Twitter, Facebook, Discord to Telegram, nearly 1 million crypto users have become loyal fans of BitKeep.

Education and Services

In the field of cryptocurrency, when it comes to asset security, we must learn how to make transactions on the blockchain in a safe way in addition to know how we should keep private keys safe.



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