AMA with Arthur — Explained: BKB and the BitKeep Ecosystem

5 min readNov 17, 2021


Featured guest: Arthur

In the latest AMA session, we have invited Arthur, CMO of BitKeep, to join us.

Founded in Singapore in May, 2018, BitKeep is the top decentralized multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet in Asia. It combines five major services, namely “wallet”, “cross-chain transaction”, “DeFi”, “DApp”, and “NFT”. BitKeep is committed to creating the world’s largest decentralized traffic gateway.

Here’s what we’ve discussed.

Q1: The latest version of BitKeep is recently released, could you please tell us about some of the highlights?

A1: We’ve enhanced BKSwap. The Swap section now includes Live Quotes, Candlestick Charts (where users can choose to view by Day, Week, Month, or Year), Token Contract, Market Cap, CMC Rank, Total Supply, Circulating Supply, 24h Volume, Holders; BKSwap supports swaps of decentralized tokens across multiple channels, such as Uniswap, Sushiswap, and PancakeSwap. Also, users enjoy easy and convenient swap features. BitKeep Bridge, on the other hand, aggregated multiple cross-chain protocols, which guarantees safety, convenience, and liquidity.

Q2: How is BitKeep’s global strategy going?

A2: First of all, allow me to briefly introduce BitKeep. BitKeep is founded in Singapore in May, 2018. As of now, we have set up our own teams and office in Singapore, the Great Britain, China (Hongkong), and Africa. BitKeep reaches a user base of more than 5 million across more than 168 countries and regions in the world. In July, 2020, BitKeep DeFi went live and quickly became the leading DeFi platform in Chinese community. In March, 2021, BitKeep further infiltrates Asia markets, reached users across the whole continent.

BitKeep goes beyond a blockchain wallet, it aggregates various web 3.0 applications including transaction, lending, cross-chain trading, mining, gaming, social networking, etc., allowing users to enter the era of Web 3.0 with ease. BitKeep vertically integrates the decentralized marketplaces to propose the theory of “Grand Transaction”. It now covers the whole spectrum from IWO through staking and mining.

In May, 2021, BitKeep V6.0 went online, with an enhanced BKSwap section and a new Bridge. In July, 2021, BitKeep Chrome plug-in version went online, and BitKeep added an NFT section in the app. In August, 2021, BitKeep forged strategic partnership with multiple Top 30 mainnets (inluding Polygon, Solana, BSC, ETH, Fantom, Wax, AVAX, zkSync, Terra Luna, Near,Arbitrum), and became their authorized wallet. 10000+ DApps are now supported in BitKeep Ecosystem.

Recently, BitKeep launched BKB airdrops. We will soon provide BKB incentives, launch New DeFi section and introduce IWOs (initial wallet offerings). More than that, BitKeep is creating a developer platform to provide project developers with SaaS, which simplifies a series of basic processes from contract deployment to asset hosting. BKB will be used to provide system-wide incentives, and BKB holders will enjoy various perks and benefits. We hope to present a brand new wallet modal and transform people’s perception of wallet ecosystems.

Q3: The recent BKB airdrops have drawn lots of attention to BKB. Could you please tell us about BKB? What do you have in plan about your moves after these airdrops?

A3: Sure. Web3.0 is all about users. That’s why BitKeep uses BKBs to support the developer platform, IWO, “Grand Transaction”, and other scenarios, re-imagining the relationship between the platform, developers and users.

On October 18th, 2021, BitKeep distributed a total of 30 million of BKBs to existing users through airdrop events.

BitKeep is about to launch the 2nd round of BKB airdrop events, inviting users, KOLs and community leaders worldwide to unlock blind boxes. As always, we will give away generous gifts. Please pay attention to our recent announcements. In the same time, BitKeep will provide incentives to facilitate BKSwap adoptions. Early participants can get an incentive of 3 times transaction fee. BKB holders will have the privilege to participant in all token airdrops, NFT airdrops, and BKB Staking for multiple perks. In the upcoming IWOs, BKB holders can participate in quality projects’ IWOs by staking and consuming their BKBs. Projects can access vast resources and service in the BitKeep Open Platform with BKBs.

Q4: Sounds great! I can see there are a lot of applicable scenarios for BKBs. But how can I get BKBs?

A4: The first round of airdrops is completed. This round was dedicated to our existing users, who also participated in our cBKB swaps.

In the upcoming blind box event, users can invite friends to unlock blind boxes containing different amounts of BKBs. Both the users and the contributors can get their share of BKBs. It’s like a lottery draw, and the share you get vary dramatically. Wish you all the best of luck. BitKeep will, as always, provide insights of popular assets and hold airdrop sessions. Also, we will continue to award popular NFTs through lottery draws. BKB holders can participate in all these events. And about the Swap incentives, I am telling you, please participate as soon as you can, because early participants will get triple incentives and score more BKBs than other users.

Q5: You mentioned repeatedly the blind box events. I think our audience must be very interested in them. Could you please tell us more?

A5: BitKeep will launch BKB blind box event on November 18, 2021. New users or existing users who successfully complete token swaps with BKSwap can enter the box claim interface to claim their own blind box. Users are then expected to invite friends to help unlock the blind box and share BKBs inside. The box owner will get 70% while the contributors will get 30%. You can get up to 100 BKB.

For more details about how to get a blink box, please go to:

Q6: People talk about the value and future of BKB a lot. Could you please say something about BKB’s potential applicable scenarios?

A6: Allow me to make a brief summary:

● BKB holders will have the privilege to participant in weekly BitKeep airdrops;

● BKBs can be used to pay for digital marketing resources;

● BKB holders who put their NFT assets in BitKeep Wallet will be eligible to participate in NFT lottery draws;

● BKB holders have the opportunity to participate in IWO of high-quality projects through staking their BKBs;

● BKB holders will be rewarded for trading;

● BKB holders will get trading fee discounts for BKSwap transactions;

● BKB holders will get BitKeep Defi Rate-up Coupon;

● BKB holders will be rewarded for staking;

● BKB holders can access the functionalities and benefits of BK Open Platform

Besides, BKB holders can pay their gas fees with BKBs, and enjoy a convenient payment experience in our cross-bridge platforms.

There’s so much more for BitKeep to offer. Please stay tuned.




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